Energy Absorbing Webbing (44mm) Lanyards

SB. FALL PROTECTION provides you with an option to customize your restraint as per your own job specific needs.

  • The Webbing Lanyards are available in lengths 1.0m, 1.5m, 1.8m, and 2.0m.
  • The Webbing Lanyards in this section are made of 44mm wide high tenacity polyester webbing.
  • The loops at the ends are protected by an abrasion resistant covering. This prevents the webbing from getting damaged by the metallic contact of the connector.
  • Variety of hooks and connectors are available for connection of both anchorage and termination end.
  • Shock Absorber reduces blow of jerk and maintains it below 6kN as per standard.
  • All Lanyards with different combinations of connectors mentioned below are individually certified as per
    EN 355:2002.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength of 23 kN
Ref. No.AttachmentsLanyards
SBL321WLEABoth Side Loop321
SBL322WLEAOne Side Loop Other Side Karabiner322-removebg-preview
SBL323WLEABoth Side Karabiner323
SBL324WLEAOne Side Loop Other Side Snap Hook324-removebg-preview
SBL325WLEABoth Side Snap Hook325
SBL326WLEAOne Side Loop Other Side Scaffold Hook326-removebg-preview
SBL327WLEAOne Side Karabiner Other Side Snap Hook327
SBL328WLEAOne Side Karabiner Other Side Scaffold Hook328-removebg-preview
SBL329WLEAOne Side Snap Hook Other Side Scaffold Hook 329

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